Saturday, June 12, 2010

I beseech of you that ye do not procrastinate the day of your repentance... Alma 34:33

In March of 2009 I posted a challenge on here...
I was to make a gift for the first 5 "commenters". DeAnn, Jessi, Denalee, Kandace and Sheri were the winners. For Jessi I knew what I wanted to do, for DeAnn I had an idea but needed to fine tune it. Kandace and Sheri are 2 of my adorable nieces who both were living far from home and I wanted to do something special but I didn't know what. Denalee, my sweet, amazing, inspirational, adorable and beautiful to the core cousin I had know idea what to do for her.
Well then life happened and I forgot. This last week at work I got thinking about it!
I still want to do this... so i hope you will forgive a forgetful mom and give me a few more months to do this. I have to rethink all my ideas. Jessi has graduated from high school so the idea I had for her wont work. DeAnn has a new calling so the idea so I must rethink her's too. Sheri has moved back home and Kandace will be home for the summer so they won't be needing a "don't miss home gift" and well Denalee is more my hero than ever... so hers has to be extra special. Especially since in all my forgetfullness I didn't help with the wig, that I REALLY wanted to help with.

an inspirational gift for you all... check out Denalee's new blog

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Kandace Welch said...

Tash, I thought you sent us a 'gift.' a bunch of coloring books and fun stuff. It has come in handy for Kennedy's 'home-preschool.' Thanks and we love you too.